When you think of the fitting room, chances are nothing positive comes to mind. Now, imagine a world where going swimsuit shopping was a confidence boosting, ecological experience -- a world where shopping doesn’t have to include numerics like 4, 12, and 20, and instead includes embodied goddesses like Venus and Aphrodite. 

LDLA represents the birth of the shift from the swimwear scene being a realm of insecurity to a platform of confidence. Our Los Angeles based brand, allows women to embrace their inner goddess while wearing our swim, minus the anxiety-riddled numbers we’re all too familiar with; instead, goddess names are used to represent fit. 

We’ve created a confidence boosting swimwear experience built on numberless sizing, body positive design details, and eco-friendly fabric made from regenerated nylon. Beyond “just a swimwear brand,” LDLA is an online space for women to come for a dose of confidence & inspiration, reminding them that they are wonderfully made.